Ask Me About Auberge's Stanly Ranch

Have you noticed construction as you enter Napa from the south near the eucalyptus trees? I spent time recently meeting with representatives of the next Auberge Resort, Stanly Ranch. I am happy to share all I know and even take you for a site visit.

Here are some key points:

  • Stanly Ranch sits on 700 acres, 96 of which are for the resort, spa, winery, Cypress Villas, and Vineyard Homes

  • The 5-star Auberge resort with spa has 135 rooms in a cottage setting. It includes the spa, 3 pools, 2 restaurants, coffee shed, banquet facilities, and an outdoor wedding venue amongst many other amenities.

  • A 14-acre winery will also sit on the property. The winemaker has not been determined as of yet.

  • There will be 40 Cypress Villas available for purchase. These are whole ownership homes and allow for stays up to 168 days of the year. The other 197 days the home goes into the Auberge rental program which will offset the cost of owning the home. This homes appeal to 2nd home buyers that will spend a little less than half the year in Napa. These are 2BR homes at approximately 1,700 – 1,750 SF.

  • There will be 70 Vineyard Homes available for purchase. These are 3BR to 6BR single family dwellings ranging from 2,350 SF to 5,700 SF. These homes appeal to the buyers that are looking for a primary residence or those that plan to stay over 168 days a year in Napa. The residences are also appealing to buyers that may use the Vineyard Homes periodically now but would like to retire in Napa later in their life.

  • Both Cypress Villas and Vineyard Homes have full use of the resort amenities.

  • Pricing will be comparable with other 5-star resort properties in the area: Four Seasons Napa Valley, Montage Healdsburg ($1,800 to $2,200 per square foot)

  • The resort will be completed by late Summer/early Fall. The construction on the Vineyard Homes and Cypress Villas will begin at that time and our first closings will happen approximately 8 to 12 months after the start of construction.

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